Judge Roy Moore and the Black Populace 

On Saturday, December 7, 2019 Protesters from around the Shoals Area in North Alabama congregated at the Tuscumbia Helen Keller Library to show their distaste for Moore, as he quietly entered the back of the building away from the crowd to speak to a room of republicans. The protesters labeled him a racist, pedophile, liar & a list of many more titles. Many of the protesters were there to shout to the world that he's against women's equal rights & marriage across the board. Saying if it was up to Moore women would never make the same pay as their counterparts, even performing the same job task. The attendees of the black community showed up for answers regarding his statement back in 2017 with him stating the black family was better off and more stable back in the civil war times. (where he also believes the civil war had little to do with slavery) We can understand why that statement would start a never ending fire. In his defense he simply said that wasn't true, that he meant their were more families that lived and worked together under one roof as a whole, that the love for one another was greater than it is now. ( in black and white homes equally)Ok yes, so that may be true But we think systematic racism, mass incarceration, police killings, war on drugs, fatality rates of dying black mothers giving birth, unlawful jail sentences for petty crimes and so much more has a significant amount to do with the broken black home, don't you? During our interview with Roy Moore we were allowed four questions that a few of our readers wanted answers to. Inquiry number one, " Back in 2017 you stated that ex felons shouldn't be allowed to vote again once released, do you still feel the same way, given you see first hand that blacks are given more unjustice and harsher sentences nationwide?"

Moore- I belive in second chances and also capitol punishment. After time served I believe that's something that should be looked into, yes."

TMP- " Seeing how key Congressional committee, the House Judiciary Committee, has voted to approve the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2019, or H.R. 3884, which would effectively put an end to cannabis prohibition in the United States of America, on a federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act, would you vote to have the records expunged for those who served time in the past for possession or intent to sale?"

Moore- "Did that pass?" Than Yes, I see no reason why if it's legal now that it should be voted against.

TMP " In states like North Carolina, schools have voted against African American history course studies, (meaning no one in the school boards think it's important that black children should learn about themselves past slavery, that learning about the Black Moore's-who pulled Europeans out of the dark ages twice, war's won, inventions that shaped the world into what it is today, people like Marcus Garvey or King Tut, aren't as significant to us as Lincoln or Benjamin Franklin) denying the youth a chance to truly learn who they are. When it comes time to vote in our area, how would you cast your ballot?"

Moore- "I think history is very important, that no one should be denied learning about themselves. I see no reason to vote against that."

TMP- We all have seen the latest effects on Human/organ trafficking on a global scale, what do you plan on doing, specifically in the black community to counter this?"

Moore- " I've already been working on this matter on a federal level to put an end to this, even in this area I'm working along side a few organizations"

So there you have it TMP Family, the answers were blunt, but his answers nonetheless. Moore claims he can't hate people no matter their background because of the cross he wears, but we could also go back 40-50 years to when crosses were actually being burned in ADOS(African descents of Slaves) yards, churches, Businesses etc right before a lynching took place. So excuse us if we need a bit "Moore" proof. He states that Washington doesn't want "Conservative Rebels" on a senate because they don't just follow their rules or do exactly as they are told, and that is why we Need him there. I can't remember the last time a ADOS needed a Rebel of the south Anywhere for us. Lastly, he believes in Christian marriage, Trump, the southern way of life (excluding slavery of course) when America was "great" & fair judgement in the courtroom. Chime in let us known what you think? Will he stand by his word & vote in favor of All the people, will alot of our brothers and sisters be coming home early after the marijuana laws are officially passed or will he find a reason to look the otherway. Email your answers to TheMelanin_Pride@yahoo.com or inbox us on our Facebook page @TheMelaninPride

Shamika Sledge

Ceo & Editor.

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