Pilgrimage to Tulsa Covered by TheMelaninPride Magazine

Black Wall Street USA is Leading a Global Pilgrimage to Tulsa during Black History Month 2020 and seeing how our magazine is the official magazine for Black Wall Street it is only right that we give you the first hand-scoop during the pilgrimage! Traveling along side Director Elder Simpson of the IRR Program(Inmate Reentry Recovery). We will pay homage to our ancestors of Tulsa’s Greenwood Community. African Americans from around the US and globe will converge on the Tulsa metroplex from February 16-29, 2020. It's not too late to plan your trip there & join us! Tour Historic and Notable Sites blackwallstreet.org/pilgrimagetouring
 Participate in Activities blackwallstreet.org/pilgrimageactivities Know Your History blackwallstreet.org/ourhistory Follow Black Wall Street USA on Facebook to learn about where the carivans & meetings spots are heading out!!

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