Sistas on a Fitness Mission

Toned by BaggedEm is a fitness-focused brand created by Sisters, Julia and Cornelia, real women on real fitness journeys FOR real women on real fitness journeys.

These ladies had their mom, a retired art teacher draw out images that they felt depicted their image & those they knew. They wanted the mats to be realistic of the Entire health journey, not just the end goal or a Hollywood dress up. The sisters wanted afros, hips & melanin & that is exactly what they have served us. Their own experiences maintaining their health and physique has lent them first hand experience on how hard it is to remain encouraged and motivated to stay in shape.

"We realized that we are among a group of women that make up a large part of the fitness community, but still feel ignored and misunderstood. That is why we created Toned by BaggedEm."

Follow this phenomenal black & woman owned business on social media @TonedByBaggedEm Also order your very own yoga mat at & tell them TheMelaninPride Magazine sent you!

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